Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shanghai on Vimeo

First portion of the video, with tall round ball of the purple Pearl Tower, are of Pudong (Poo-dong). Pudong is on one side of the Huangpu River, which is the snaking river you see in the foreground.

When we lived there, we lived on that side of the river in a high rise. The government prepared the Pudong side as a testament to China's new modernity, evicting all of the long time residents, demolishing all of the apartment buildings, and building shiny new ones in it's place. Shiny high-rise gravestones. Incidentally, this is how change happens in China. Since the Cultural Revolution there ethic of advancement over people.

The second portion of the video is of the Puxi (Poo-shee) side of the river, where some of the older architecture has been preserved. the tourist market is there.

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