Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CNN post on classical schools

Classical and University Model Schools

Our family is associated with two classical schools.

This year,two of our children will attend what is called a "university model classical school." Children attend a brick and mortar school 1-3 days a week depending on age and courses they are enrolled in. They study on the other days independently -- with guidance and help from parents. Emphasis is placed on history and reading, math classes are on an escalated schedule,dialogue is encouraged, academic rigor is standard.

The price is half (or a little more than half) the cost of a private school education, funds are handled efficiently, teachers are paid well (breadwinners can support a family), parents and teachers work as partners, and we believe the educational and social "value" we receive is high.

For this to be do-able, one parent must be intimately involved in course work (more or less, depending on age and strengths and weaknesses of the child), and that usually ends up being the mom. But because of the part-time nature of the university system school, many of these parents are able to hold down other jobs as well (mothers at our school are realtors, educators, hair dressers, small business owners, etc). Children score well above average in standardized testing, regardless of the educational background of the parents.

Educational laws and the culture in Texas encourage freedom and innovation in education, and schools, teachers, and families are enriched by the resulting choices that spring up.

For years our children were exclusively homeschooled, and one will be exclusive home schooled this next year. I frequently get asked, "Why did your family make that choice?" The Christian mom in the post below explains why her family chose to home school -- an articulate post at The Gospel Coalition.

I appreciate that three educational options are thoughtfully explored in various posts at this website. I will include them here.

Home school mom:

Private school mom:

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