Thursday, June 2, 2016

Handel in Summer

I found this succinct post at the website of a Methodist minister (I know nothing about the rest of his site or his ministry so I am not necessarily commending those).

The post is a list of the Scripture verses used in the Messiah. The blog begins with some short historical notes, then there is a a list of the Messiah's program. Following that are the verses used, listed by song. A handy, concise resource!

Handel's Messiah in writing

Here is an NPR discussion of the presentation in the mid 20th century. Apparently, the Philadelphia Orchestra's recordings of the Messiah went gold before the Beatles did.

And below is one rendition  of Handel's Messiah by Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

(I tried to find the older, famous presentation with Eugene Ormandy, et al but was unable to find the whole production. I trust that the following recording is legally being reproduced.)

Messiah Part I

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