Monday, April 4, 2016

Modern Ruins of a Naval Base

Gorgeous pictures of a former Navy Base, some buildings now in ruins, some rehabilitated. I lived on  this base, Charleston Naval Base, situated on the Cooper River, for three years in high school in the 1980s (in the "Quarters H" side of a duplex, pictured in the Retreat Plantation link below).

According to this site, the area was first a plantation (Retreat Plantation), then a park (Chicora Park), then a base, now a ruin with some portions a park (Riverfront Park) and some renovated homes. I worshipped at the [now renovated] Eternal Father of the Sea chapel.

So interesting and faintly sad to see the base's demise in these pictures. It was really a gorgeous base in those years -- circular drives, Spanish moss dripping off primordial oaks, azaleas draped like profligates across the front laps of houses.

How quickly things decay, especially in the south, where the damp and the verdancy seem to creep in the minute you look the other way. But, also, how much man can do to halt or reverse decay. My brother tells me the riverside park there now is very pretty.

North Charleston Naval Base 

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