Monday, February 8, 2016

Short Profile In Persistence

I enjoyed this brief video of a dad describing his work with his severely disabled and autistic son, Chris.

Watching this man work with his son, watching his son respond inspires me -- to be faithful, patient, firm and quiet.

He gives me a glimpse of how we are meant to be today: made in the image of God, having dignity, each bearing the scars that the fall brought upon the earth, but loving unconditionally, sanctified by the daily, mundane, unseen, and unsung acts of ministry.

He also describes, in a word, the mother. We know her story after just a few words. The daily, roll-up-your sleeves, tear-stained, jaw set, mind-running, researching, problem-solving, holy and beautiful and beloved work that is the special real-estate of motherhood.

 The Mighty

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