Friday, January 8, 2016

Conspiracy Revisited

I removed my last post and I am reposting this with new commentary.

I do still find the implied alarm over evangelicals putting together a Bible museum to smack of paranoia and prejudice. (If this were a museum of ancient Korans, I suspect the tone would be different.)

However, in pointing that out, I didn't mean to discount the author's real concerns over the provenance of the antiquities.

Addressing the article's uncritical acceptance of the inauthenticity of the gospel accounts and the diversity of early Christian experience, a biblical scholar (and PhD) friend has recommended to me the following book: The Question of Canon by Michael Kruger. And here is a blog of Kruger's briefly addressing accusations of radically diverse beliefs in the Christian community in the 2nd century and before.

Can Hobby Lobby Buy the Bible?

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