Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Defending Unborn Infants from Predators

Women who survived abortions as infants testify before Congress in the links below:

Gianna Jessen

Melissa Ohden

I heard Ohden speak at an event last year and she was frank, truthful, and hopeful in the telling of her story.

One spiritual sub-story here is the lack of bitterness these women hold for those who abused them.

(A disclaimer: for these testimonies, I am linking to the site of a woman named Julie Roys who has published both of their testimonies, but I don't know her material otherwise so can't recommend the rest of her site.)

Listening to pro-abortion activists (cue Wendy Davis) feels like some kind of true-life "A Modest Proposal:" What to do with all these babies, coming from nowhere, mysteriously bestowed upon these autonomous women and men -- How will they be educated? How will they be fed and cared for? What to do, what to do here in our rich, populous, first-world nation? I have a proposal! Let's kill them all, and use their body parts for research! 

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