Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some Writing Basics for the New School Year

Dear Will, 

Here are just a few writing basics to remember for all your subjects. Remember, keep your writing simple and clear, and it will be effective.

Read the question or assignment carefully
Example: “What made Gandalf a good leader?”

Write a clear, simple, complete topic sentence that truly answers the question.
GOOD: “Gandalf was a good leader, because he put the members of the fellowship before himself.”
BAD: “Because he was an interesting guy with a grey cloak and a long white beard.” 

Avoid using many pronouns 
GOOD: “Gandalf would not bend to Saruman’s demand to join him in his dark plot to rule Middle Earth.”
BAD: “He wouldn’t do that bad stuff he wanted him to do with him to them.”

Use clear, supporting details from the book that prove that you both read the book (or assignment) and thought about the book (or assignment)
GOOD: “Gandalf risked his life in the battle with the Balrog to save the fellowship.”
BAD: “He was brave, and he tried hard."

Use capital letters and end marks
GOOD: “If Gandalf had not led the battle against Sauron’s forces, Middle Earth would have fallen. What a help he was to the forces of good!”
BAD: “if gandalf hadn’t helped like that who knows what would have happened it probably would have fallen” 

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